Facial Treatments

Facial Care

Non Nimue & Phase 1:
Therapeutic Treatment 60min R380
A facial formulated specifically to target your concerns yet feeling pampered and relaxed.
Deep Cleanse 60min R380
A facial formulated for very problematic / acne prone skins. *no massage: over stimulating.
Intensive Eye Treatment 60min R200
Boost – Brighten – Plump.
Nimue Phase 1 & 2 ONLY:
Weekly for 6 weeks then monthly for 6 months – repeat.
Active Rejuvenation 60min R550
Treatment boosting skin rejuvenation.
Booster Treatment 60min R690
Treatment providing instant results – every 3rd facial.
35% Glycolic Skin Resurfacing 60min R570
Deep Exfoliation, Hydrate, Plump, Rejuvenate РNO flaking / peeling.
7.5% TCA Skin Resurfacing 60min R550
Deep exfoliation with superficial peeling for radiant, smooth skin texture after a week.
Esse Gentle 60min R380
Treatment formulated for skin in need of Extra Hydration or to Soothe and Calm.
Esse Balancing 60min R380
Combination skins requiring a range of treatments over varied areas to ensure Balanced Skin.
Esse Detox 60min R380
Oily or Problematic skins requiring deep cleanse to purify and stabilize.
Esse Correcting 60min R380
Specially designed to even out Pigmentation.
Esse Anti-Oxidant 60min R440
Bring back your GLOW – seasonal BOOSTER.
Esse Anti-Aging 60min R500
Concentrated treatment for Mature skins and skins showing visible signs of Pre-Mature Aging.


Lashes 30min R60
Brows 15min R60
Eyelash Extensions- New Set (Individual Lashes) 60min R550
Fill 45min R250
New Set (Cluster Lashes) 45min R400
Fill 30min R180