Hands and Feet

Paint Only (fingers / toes) 30min R60
Express Manicure with Polish 30min R140
with Gel Polish 60min R220
Manicure with Polish 45min R170
with Gel Polish 60min R250
Luxury Mani with Polish 90min R270
with Gel Polish 120min R360
Express Pedicure with Polish 30min R170
with Gel Polish 60min R250
Pedicure with Polish 60min R210
with Gel Polish 90min R300
Luxury Pedi with Polish 90min R320
with Gel Polish 120min R400
Heel Peel Treatment 30min R180
Add Heel Peel to Pedi 20min R120
Soak Off 30min R60
Soak Off to any treatment 30min R20

Light Concept Nails (LCN)

LCN Extensions 120min R500
LCN Overlay 90min R450
File, Buff & Seal 45min R200
Rebalance 2 – 3 Weeks  90min R300
Rebalance 3+ Weeks 90min R350
Single Nail Repair 30min R50

* Please Note: LCN is a non-porous product and therefore cannot carry / breed fungus nor take on any stains.
* Because of this, LCN, is NOT a soak off product and will need to grow out together with the 7in1 Nail Wonder Recovery Polish.
* 100% safe to use and perfect for any occasion, a permanent solution and / or nail biters.